Kawate Takahiko Official Page

川手 鷹彦

Takahiko Kawate

1957 Born in Tokyo Japan.

1976 - 1977 Studied at Bismarck State College, the former-named Bismarck Junior College in Bismarck North Dakota USA, finished first year of Liberal Arts and received the President Honor Rolle, which was given to the best graded students.

1988 Entered Goeteanum Stage Ensemble as an actor, later as a theater-director.

1989 Graduated from “Schüle für Sprachgestaltung- und dramatische Dastellungskunst am Goetheanum / Speech and drama school of Goetheanum” in Dornach Switzerland, exempted from paying last-study-year-tuition as an honor student, employed by “Sektion für Schöne Wissenschaften am Goetheanum”.

1989 Acted one of the main roles in the drama “Der Weltenwanderer Ein Drama um Graf Saint Germain / The World-wanderer, a drama about Count Saint Germain” by Paul Bühler, which was produced by Goetheanum, directed by Georg Darvasch and performed publicly as a 200th anniversary of French Revolution.

1990 Directed “Wundersame Blüten / Wondrous Blossoms”, which was based on Japanese Nō-plays in German translation, produced by Goetheanum, acted by Goetheanum-Stage-Ensemble, music from Takashi Fujii and Gotthard Killian, under the patronage of the Japanese Embassyin Bern Switzerland.

1991 Invited to “Heil- und Erziehungsinstitut Haus Arild für Seelenpflegebedürftige Kinder und Jugendliche / Curative and educational institution Haus Arild for children and young people in need of special care” and worked on German classical ballades and lyric poetry with children, and gave them therapies as a speech teacher.

Epistles about its curative educational acts were appeared serially in the literal magazine “Hermes” by Iwanami Shoten Publishers under the title of “Bliestorf Dayori / Letters from Bliestorf”.

1993 Went back to Japan, established the Institute for Art- and Speech-Therapy “Aoi-Oka / The Blue Hill”.

1994 Incorporated “Aoi-Oka” as a Stock Corporation, took up a post as Representative Director and President.

1999 Gave lectures about “initiation in drama” in the world conference of Goethe’s Faust at Goetheanum. During the conference, gave the Lecture & Demonstration “Wie kann man Geistwesen in Eurythmie und Musik zur dramatischen Dastellung bringen / How could it be possible to create the scene of Spiritual-Being Appearance by Eurhythmy and Music”, directedby Gioia Falk, acted by Dirk Heinrich, music by Gotthard Killian.

2000 Established the Institute for Art- and Speech-Therapy in Okinawa.

2000 Performed self-directed and -acted play, which was based on Japanese traditional Nō-plays and “Tanka” verses, co-acted by Marina Grankova, recited by Barbara Stuten, directed by Gioia Falk, music by Gotthard Killian, that was invited for “Theater An der Schwelle Festival 2000 am Goetheanum / Theater On the Threshold Festival 2000 at Goetheanum”.

2000 Gave lectures about Haiku-verses and exercises at “Sprachgestaltung- und Schauspiel-Schüle am Goetheanum / Speech and drama school of Goetheanum”.

2000 - 2001 Directed “Kiyotsunes Tod / Kiyotsune’s Death”, which was based on traditional Nō-Plays, acted, recited, sung, and music played by two professional Nō-Actors from Japan, Yosikatsu Tsukuda and Manzo Nomura the 9th. The play was performed in Japan, Germany and Switzerland. Furthermore, German & Swiss-Tour was granted by Japan Foundation.

2001 Gave lectures and exercises about Nō-Plays, with two Nō-Actors above at “Speech and drama school of Goetheanum”.

2000 - 2002 Under the commission by Ministry of Justice (Japan), directed “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles for children and young people, and took charge of the entire project.

2003 Directed and produced “Udurukuna Asasa / Don’t be scared, cicada”, which was a combined piece of “Hamlet Machine” by Heiner Müller and old verses from Okinawa called “Ryūka”. The play was performed in Hounen-in Temple in Kyoto, Okinawa Christian University, and other places in Japan, as well as in “Theater am Bahnhof / Theater by the Train-station” in Dornach Switzerland. The performance played in Switzerland was acted by students from Ritsumeikan-University Kyoto and actresses from Goetheanum-stage-ensemble, and the music was played by Gotthard Killian and Ivan Simoncini.

2006 - 2008 Played a role as a part-time Instructor in Literature in Okinawa Christian University.

2007 Played a role as a part-time Instructor in Speech-Art and Curative Education in Tokyo University, which took the 21st place of the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013, and 1st place of its Japanese Ranking.

2010 Gave drama-lessons in “Gymnasium in den Filder Benden / High school in Filder Benden” and drama-demonstration in “Ruhr-Universität Bochum / Bochum University” in Germany.

2012 Founded the“Hana-no-ie” Foundation, which is a gratuitous foundation for the children with developmental disorder and others in need of special care, and took up a post as Representative Director.

2013 In December, assumed the post of director for the curative educational section in Yagachi clinic in Nago city.

Published books about curative education, stories for the children, from well-known-publishers, including translation of “Autism and Sensing -The Unlost Instinct” by Donna Williams.
Has also written works in various fields, such as dramas, stories, educational treatisesand essays, and musical compositions for dramas.